Go Deep Green

sourcing renewable energy for your Earth love

Have you heard the term 'climate depression'? How about 'eco anxiety'? Or 'solastalgia'? 

We know it's not easy being green.

But it's what we want to be: as people who love the Earth, environmental activists, and climate concerned citizens, we remain committed to doing everything we can to secure the health and future flourishing of the whole community of life on earth. 

This course is about finding the energy to keep going despite feelings of despair, despondency, and disengagement about the human-Earth relationship. 

The course isn't about putting on rose-coloured glasses.
It's about going deep green. 

To Go Deep Green is to connect with a bigger story about the role of human beings on this planet; a better story about our personal participation in the whole community of life; and a beautiful story about own Earth love.  

You will be invited to reflect on what science is able to tell us about the origins and processes of the universe...and to wonder about where human beings fit into the epic on-going story of evolution. 

You will be invited to reflect on what difference (to you) it makes to switch from problem-solving to participating in the flourishing of life on earth. 

You will be invited to reflect on what made you fall in love with Earth in the first place...because that is your most reliable, most renewable source of energy for the work of co-creating a better Earth future. 

Go Deep Green is a quick plunge into three empowering ways of thinking about loving the Earth in challenging times. 

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Debbie Dunn

A paradigm shifting experience

Not your usual rhetoric about doing better to live sustainably.. a refreshing shift in framing the problems we see emerging around us. No spoiler alerts needed as engaging with this very accessible and to the point course is so achievable.. my sum...

What's included?

5 Videos
3 Multimedia
11 Texts
Jana Norman
Jana Norman
Community of the Cosmic Person

About the instructor

Jana convenes the 'Community of the Cosmic Person'an online source for community, support, and resources for living a better Earth love.  

Jana has twenty-five years of experience facilitating adult learning that integrates ethics, personal development, and social action. 

Jana holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Florida and a Masters of Divinity from Yale University. She is currently working on a PhD in Earth Jurisprudence at the University of Adelaide Law School in South Australia. 

Jana completed the specialisation'Journey of the Universe' from the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology and is a Certified Permaculture Designer.

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